Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hold on! Don't faint!

I'm sorry for the extreme absence in doing my blog. I really thought that if I started one I would be much more motivated to create things so I'd have a reason to post. Obviously that's not how it turned out (grin). So for those of you who still check in on me occastionally to see if I'm still breathing and creating, I appreciate it. And today is your lucky day....I've got pictures :o) Nothing exciting, just cards I made for Mother's Day, but at least it's something, right? Next week I'll be going to a scrapbook expo with a dear friend, so maybe I'll pick up a few new treasures that I'll be dying to play around with when I get home. We'll see what creative sparks can come from that adventure. Until then, I hope you enjoy looking at the cards.

Have a great weekend!

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thekathrynwheel said...

Hey, where are ya? Come back!
Kate x