Monday, January 12, 2009

Making time to pray, not play

Hello out there in blogland. I noticed another week has slipped by between posts so I thought I better offer an explanation for my absence. Pretty soon no one is going to bother even coming here because it's so boring! But anyway.....

There has not been much opportunity or motivation to do anything creative. I have been preoccupied with watching Rebecca's grandmother slowly losing her fight with Cancer. It was her wish to die at home so she has been under Hospice care for the past month. This wonderful, loving, strong woman welcomed me as part of their family nearly 11 years ago, and now losing her is like losing my own grandmother all over again. During this past week her health started to decline more rapidly. She is too weak to walk now and is confined to her bed. Waiting for death to come knocking at the door is not an easy thing, but we just take it day by day.

So, hopefully it is understandable why I have nothing artsy to share with you. I have neither the time nor motivation to be creative. I'm just exhausted and emotionally drained. But don't give up on me....I will get my rhythm back eventually. I just have other matters taking up my time for now. I hope everyone else is having fun creating wonderful pieces of art that will add beauty and fun to your lives!

Best wishes,


crafty capers said...

Ahh, thinking of you at this very sad time. Don't worry about the blog (we're still visiting it anyway). Concentrate on what's important right now - the rest will come later.

Shelly said...

So sorry that Abuela has passed away since this post, Anita. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Rebecca and the family. We will still be here when you feel up to art again.
Deepest sympathies,